1875 - after 1921 from Scotland

colonial secretary, was probably born in Scotland in 1875, the son of Alexander Martin. He was educated at Irvine Academy and George Watson's College Edinburgh, going on to Edinburgh University. From 1910 to 1914 he served as assistant treasurer in the East Africa Protectorate, later Kenya, becoming assistant paymaster to the forces from May 1914 to March 1915. He was promoted senior assistant secretary in April 1916 and during 1918 served as secretary to the famine commission. He took up the post of colonial secretary in Stanley on 30 March 1920 and administered the government from April to December 1920. He left the Islands in March 1921. During his time in Stanley, he was accompanied by his wife and a son, Gordon.

A Colonial Office minute of 1921 notes that Martin was retired from the Falkland Islands for ‘intemperate tendencies’. He had shown similar weaknesses in the East Africa Protectorate.


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