1912 - 2007 from England

sailor and hero, was born in Wallasey, Cheshire on 6 November 1912 and left school at 15, later joining the Royal Navy. During World War II he served in the Atlantic and North West Europe. In 1942 he was awarded the BEM for rescuing shipmates from the destroyer Wallace after a collision and for repairing the damaged hull of the ship in dangerous conditions.

222 Sailor and hero.

After the war, he was serving on the cruiser HMS Nigeria when she visited Stanley harbour. On the night of 26 November 1948, leading seaman Hughes, heavily dressed, fell into the rough sea while disembarking from the shore cutter. Lynch descended to support Hughes, but was unable to pull him into the ship. So he swam with the unconscious Hughes to one of the ship's boats and back to the cruiser. Unable to scale the ladder he swam to the boat a second time and was taken on board. After a spell in the sick bay, both men recovered. Lynch was invested with the Albert Medal in 1951 and in 1973 re-invested with the George Cross by Queen Elizabeth II. He retired from the navy in 1953 and worked with HM Customs and Excise at Liverpool and Heathrow Airport. He died in 2007.


David Tatham


David Tatham (2018-05-09 09:46:34 UTC)

The date given for Lynch's death in the Guardian obituary is 11 October 2006.


Comment: there is a full and vivid obituary of Joseph Lynch in the Daily Telegraph obituaries section of 11 October 2006. DT.