1754 - 1787 from Spain

Spanish naval officer, was born in Buenos Aires on 5 July 1754, one of the two criollo* officers to assume charge at Puerto de la Soledad (VIANA was the other). Capitán de fragata Jacinto Altolaguirre was sent to Puerto de la Soledad (Port Louis)in command of the snow* San Cristóbal, taking over from Salvador de MEDINA as comandante gobernador of the Spanish settlement there in February 1781. In compliance with his instructions, which were much the same as those issued to all his predecessors, one of his first actions was to send acting Teniente Vicente Villa in the snow San Cristóbal to reconnoitre the former British settlement in Port Egmont as well as the rest of West Falkland Island. In a lengthy report to Altolaguirre, Villa stated that he saw nothing to suggest any recent signs of people or vessels in the area. Taking advantage of the departure of the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores with Medina, Altolaguirre informed Viceroy Vertiz that all medicines in the colony had been used up and replenishments were urgently needed, sending a list of his requirements. Altolaguirre also reminded the Viceroy that regulations dated 9 August 1776 provided for a naval frigate to be always stationed at Puerto de la Soledad. On 30 December 1782 Viceroy Vertiz informed Altolaguirre that Capitán de fragata Fulgencio D Montemayor would be his successor. The Viceroy added that he had arranged for the San Cristóbal to be replaced by the brig Rosario to provide for the needs of the island and her manning would have to be reduced to the minimum required. Her consort, the brig Nuestra Señora del Carmen, commanded by Jose Ignacio Goicoechea, was specifically ordered to reconnoitre Port Egmont. On 8 April 1782 Altolaguirre submitted a manifesto, in which he stated that the establishment, including the crew of the San Cristóbal, consisted of 7 officers, 34 soldiers forming the garrison, 41 seamen and 43 convicts. The livestock comprised 534 cattle, 50 horses and 75 geese. Altolaguirre was relieved by Fulgencio MONTEMAYOR on 1 April 1783.

Altolaguirre died 26 August 1787 in Madrid, Spain aged 33 years .


Andrew David & Carlos Novi



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