1846 - 1927 from England (also France)

colonist, was born in Nottingham, England in 1846, the fourth child of Louis Augustine Baillon (born in St Quentin, France in 1815) and Eliza Catherine Blake (born in Nottingham in 1817).

In 1866, at age twenty, together with his younger brother Edward and two Yorkshire men - William and Bernard Stickney, Baillon chartered a sailing vessel and set off for South America to find somewhere to settle.

15 Colonist and sons: only Alexander...

After visiting several places along the coast of South America they acquired 78,332 acres of land at Fox Bay on the island of West Falkland. The family lived under their overturned boat while building their first residence, a building that still stands and is used by the Edwards family, current owners of the property, as a tractor shed.

Baillon married Mary Julia Isobel Williams, daughter of Charles Henry Williams, a Weddell Island sheep rancher, on 28 March 1876 in the Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea in Stanley. The couple were married by Fr. James FORAN.

1134 Baillon's house at Fox Bay West

They had fourteen children. The first seven, born in the Falklands, were: Marie Barbe (b1876) Marie Eleanor (b 1878) Alexander Falkland Baillon (b 1880) LOUIS CHARLES (b 1881) Catherine (b 1883) Constance Winifred (b 1885) and Mildred Frances (b 1887).

The family returned to England in 1888 on board the “Ramses”. In the same year the Baillon's share of the Fox Bay property was sold to Bernard Stickney, and the family returned to England. However Louis obviously maintained some connection with the Falklands as it is noted that, when St Mary's Church in Stanley was blessed in 1899 by Father Patrick O'Grady, it was under the sponsorship of Mr Louis Baillon who had contributed to the church construction.


Louis Augustin Baillon as a young man...

After his return, he was employed by a bank in various places in southern England. In the 1911 England Census Louis was recorded as living in Lancashire, England. When their son, Gerald, was killed in action 25 September 1915 Louis and Mary were living at 53 Kind Edward’s Grove, Teddington, Middlesex. 

Following the death of his wife in 1924 he moved from Teddington in south-west London to Ventnor, Isle of Wight, where he died on 27 January 1926.

The family's name is always pronounced 'Ballion' in the Islands.

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Louis Augustin Baillon's older brother - Andrew Edward Larvis Baillon (1844-1915) also spent some time in the Falklands and he served, at various times, between 1891 and 1896 as the Hon. Consul for Chile, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway and Sweden.


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