?1837 - after 1885 from England

colonial secretary, was the son of William Pyne 'gentleman'. In 1858 a note on Colonial Office files states that Wm Pyne, 'near 21 years' of Upton Grove, Slough, Middlesex is to take his place as government clerk in Stanley. He was said to speak French and be a fair accountant. Appointed in February 1858, he arrived on 10 May in the British schooner Victoria. The colonial secretary, LONGDEN, warned Pyne in writing on 20 December 1859 to be more diligent and loyal to the governor. But on Longden's transfer, Governor MOORE recommended Pyne be promoted to permanent colonial secretary: he had been acting 'to my entire satisfaction'. The Colonial Office doubted whether he was 'man enough' for the post, but in September 1862 he was appointed acting colonial secretary and confirmed at a salary of £350. In December 1862 he was appointed magistrate, as well as shipping master, officer of customs, treasurer and postmaster. He served on ExCo from 1863-1867. During March 1864, Pyne accompanied Governor MACKENZIE on a tour of all the Camp stations on the steamer HMS Stromboli.

On 9 December 1862 he married Louisa Jane, the daughter of Dr HAMBLIN, at Stanley. A Lionel GF Pyne - possibly his son - was a clerk in the Trinidad administration in 1885.

Pyne went on leave in 1867 and was appointed president of Montserrat. In 1870 he became stipendiary magistrate in British Guiana {Guyana} and in 1872 moved to Trinidad as receiver-general until 1884. He was acting colonial secretary there in 1876 and in 1880, when he administered the government. He was also a member of LegCo. His last entry in the Colonial Office list is 1885.


David Tatham